Secure the talent you worked so hard to hire.

Employee Experience Audits

We level up your EX game, conducting a comprehensive audit with all players on board. Consider us your strategy guide, leading you through the quests of success. Your tailored roadmap will be crafted from the unique needs & challenges your team will reveal only to an independent ally like us.

Our secret super powers:

Research & Analysis tools to decode your employee preferences and pain points.

✨Human-Centered Design to test and generate ideas that puts your people in the center. It’s not just design, it’s your personalized strategy guide for a winning employee experience!

✨Courageous Ideas & Methods for businesses that are not afraid of doing things differently. We are putting up a toolbox of creative design & implementation methods to make employee experience your competitive advantage.

Employee Experience Sprints

We will support you with both existing, and new employee experience initiatives. More than a lick of paint, we’ll help you with timelines, activities, structure, content, agendas, outcomes, and best practices to achieve consistent results.


✨Creative Sprints to co-create your very own signature processes, programs and initiatives throughout the whole employee lifecycle.

Makeover Sprints to your existing people initiatives. Be it L&D programs, Wellbeing initiatives, Communication strategy or anything else, we are here to help you make them better!

Employee Experience Implementation

Whether you’re struggling with implementation when it comes to diversity & inclusion; grappling with talent management, or figuring out how to create action off the back of engagement survey results, we can help.

Our team of experts from various fields are excellent thought partners. We help businesses implement embed engaging experiences and progressive practices that work for them.

✨Hire us as your experts so you can focus on leading strategy! We are a team of trainers, coaches, people specialists, facilitators, designers, tech evangelists, psychologists, researchers and the list can go on.

✨Book a Employee Experience Train the Trainers for your HR team to learn by doing how they can work on the employee experience of your workforce.